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Some Seats Are Too Small

view from the airplane

A few weeks ago, I was on my way back from a business trip to Las Vegas via Southwest Airlines (yes, I know, already a LOT to unpack there behaviorally) and sat next to this petite middle aged woman with a thick southern accent on the bus from the car rental terminal to the airport terminal. Immediately she began to speak to me…she said, “Thank God you are not like that obese woman that I sat next to on the tram. She took up my whole seat!” Not being a petite woman myself I did not know what to say and so I didn’t. Then she nudged me with her tiny little elbow and said “Riiiiight?’. Feeling compelled to answer to avoid another tiny sharp jab I said, "well I have never been accused of being tiny and my husband and kids are all over 6’ 2”." The husband then joins the conversation by bending over his tiny wife and ask me, “Was it that big tall black fella we saw?”

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