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Areas of Focus

Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) focuses on assessing and changing the work environment to improve employee performance and workplace culture. OBM consultants and managers work in a variety of industries (e.g., health care, human services, education, government, nonprofits, manufacturing, financial services, retail) to achieve meaningful and sustainable behavior change and improved business outcomes.

Whether you're earning CEUs or interested in how Applied Behavioral Analysis can impact your workplace, you'll learn the basics of how Organizational Behavioral Management can facilitate change initiatives, improve and develop processes and systems, close gaps in employee performance, retain and develop staff, and support business growth. Organizational results often include reduced accidents and injuries, improved employee retention, improved customer satisfaction and retention, cultural integration after mergers and acquisitions, improved quality standards, and increased revenue and profits.

  •  Performance Management

  •  Behavior-based Safety

  •  Behavioral Systems Analysis

  •  Consumer Behavior Analysis

  •  Health and Wellness

  •  Monetary Incentive Systems

  •  Training and Development

  •  Leadership and Culture

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